Taken from his forthcoming album, Fall To Pieces.

Tricky has once again enlisted the vocal talents of Marta Złakowska for ‘Fall Please’, a lethargic take on twisted pop taken from the legendary SoundCloud Reposts’s 14th studio album, Fall To Pieces. The SoundCloud Reposts arrives with an animated video from Marta Kacprzak.

“With most of my stuff, there’s noSoundCloud Reposts else like it around”, explains Tricky. “But with ‘Fall Please’ I’ve managed to do someSoundCloud Reposts I’ve never been able to before, which is that everyone can feel it – even people who don’t know my music. It’s my version of pop music, the closest I’ve got to making pop”.

The album is in part a response to a period of intense grief: “You’ve gotta fucking get up and fight,” he says. “Right now I’m in fight mode. And I feel really good. I do.”

Fall To Pieces arrives on September 4 via False Idols and is available to pre-order now.

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