Ever wonder how exactly follows work on SoundCloud? Well, today is your lucky day.

SoundCloud is a music SoundCloud Reposts-based platfor SoundCloud Promotionm, so the value of SoundCloud Promotion a follower on SoundCloud is higher than it is on other social media platfor SoundCloud Promotionms. SoundCloud focus’ on music SoundCloud Reposts, where other general social platfor SoundCloud Promotionms display a wide variety of SoundCloud Promotion content types. This means the probability of SoundCloud Promotion engagement with a song that you post on Soundcloud is much higher than it is on say, Facebook. I’m sure you have seen this. People tend to ignore music SoundCloud Reposts links on Facebook. 

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When you follow an account on SoundCloud, whatever the user posts will appear in your feed. Unlike other platfor SoundCloud Promotionms, the SoundCloud feed displays all content chronologically in the order posted, unadulterated or judged by an algorithm. (Think of SoundCloud Promotion how of SoundCloud Promotionten a post on Facebook is never seen by your friends because Facebook algorithms decide who should see your content.) 

Your follower count is used by industry prof SoundCloud Promotionessionals as the primary measure of SoundCloud Promotion success. Whenever an SoundCloud Reposts pitches us for SoundCloud Promotion an exclusive premiere with Supreme{PR}, we screen for SoundCloud Promotion quality music SoundCloud Reposts, prof SoundCloud Promotionessionalism, attitude, socials, and SoundCloud to get an idea of SoundCloud Promotion their reach and drive. That said, follower numbers can be of SoundCloud Promotionten inflated. They can of SoundCloud Promotionten serve as a vanity metric rather than as a measure of SoundCloud Promotion true engagement. We always screen samplings of SoundCloud Promotion followers for SoundCloud Promotion legitimacy. Fake followers and plays can be bought. Following an account on SoundCloud triggers a notification icon, which is visible in the notifications menu at the top of SoundCloud Promotion your account. However, unfollowing does not trigger a notification. Therefor SoundCloud Promotione it is not as noticeable when you unfollow an account. 

Here is the follow/unfollow plan we recommend. 

  1. Find an account with at least 10k followers who have music SoundCloud Reposts similar to your music SoundCloud Reposts. You want their fans to be in the same demographic as yours. 
  2. Go to their followers and investigate their taste in music SoundCloud Reposts and account activity. 
  3. Follow 90 select followers every day. If you can, space it out to someSoundCloud Reposts like 30 in the morning, 30 at mid-day and 30 at night.
  4. Repeat daily until you reach a following of SoundCloud Promotion 1K accounts.
  5. Next, go to your own following list and unfollow 99 accounts each day; 30 in the morning, 30 at mid-day and 30 at night
  6. Try to favorite and comment on at least one upload from each account you follow. 
  7. Repeat this process while moving on to other SoundCloud Reposts as necessary. 

Always remember, It is better to invest your SoundCloud Reposts in making great music SoundCloud Reposts and marketing. If your music SoundCloud Reposts isn’t any good. If your production is lazy, or you have a hissing sound in your masters, or the vocals are of SoundCloud Promotionf-key, don’t worry about SoundCloud Promotion follows. You don’t have any chance of SoundCloud Promotion getting noticed.  Your music SoundCloud Reposts has to stand up to the best stuff that is out there. This plan will only give an advantage if all other variables are equal. (Read Malcolm Gladwell’s Outliers.) The upside of SoundCloud Promotion being great is much higher, as it allows for SoundCloud Promotion exponential growth, rather than grinding away at followers hoping they don’t notice your music SoundCloud Reposts has problems. 

SoundCloud has restricted the total number of SoundCloud Promotion accounts you can follow/unfollow per day, but they have never published these numbers. In our experience, you should limit the total amount of SoundCloud Promotion follow and unfollow actions to 90 per day to safely stay under the 100 per day cap. Again, the more you can spread these out, the better. SoundCloud will see you as a spammer if you do them all at once. If you exceed your daily limit, SoundCloud may block your account for SoundCloud Promotionm spammy activity. A first block will disable your following/unfollowing ability for SoundCloud Promotion 1 day. The second SoundCloud Reposts you will lose the functionality for SoundCloud Promotion 3 days and the next SoundCloud Reposts it is 7 days. The fourth SoundCloud Reposts? Well, there is no fourth SoundCloud Reposts. Your account will likely be closed, so be safe. Don’t spam follows. 

We hope this infor SoundCloud Promotionmation helps you with navigating the tricky waters of SoundCloud Promotion promoting your music SoundCloud Reposts on SoundCloud. Please visit our website if you are in need of SoundCloud Promotion true organic SoundCloud SoundCloud Reposts services. www.soundcloudrepo.wpengine..

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