Soundcloud Success: Episode 2. Plays, Likes, Follows… What do Soundcloud metrics mean?

Musical artists are in many ways like business startups. They create, publish, sell, negotiate, deal with payments, do marketing…just like a new business. It can be tough to find relevant performance indicators for artists, but what’s true for businesses is also true...
Musician’s Guide to Marketing Plans: Planning Your Music Release – Pt. 2

Musician’s Guide to Marketing Plans: Planning Your Music Release – Pt. 2

These Musician Marketing Plan posts are the most popular series on this site. They are fully updated for 2020. Do you have a plan for your next music release? This can be a single, a music video, an EP, or an album. In our most popular series The  Musician’s Guide to...

Promoting Yourself: Grow Your Fan Base

Promoting Yourself: Getting Started As a musician, every artist wants to see their name in lights. Hearing themselves on the radio or the music video played on a popular music channel is a dream. While this could be a reality for some, many will find themselves...

YouTube Engagement: Getting More from Fans

YouTube Engagement: Getting Started It doesn’t matter how successful you are as a musician. In order to stay relevant, you have to go with what the masses are into. This doesn’t mean to change your sound or to copy others, in fact, it would help you more or less if...

The Difference Between Publicists, Managers, and Agents

As the business development director here at AMW, it’s part of my job to answer questions any of our potential clients may have when they’re considering working with us. Particularly with clients who are newer to the entertainment world, I get asked a few specific...

What To Expect When You’re Marketing

A frequently asked question about digital marketing campaigns is “ What can I expect to get from this?”. After all, it would be nice to know that you’re going to get a return on your investment, wouldn’t it? In a world seemingly obsessed with overnight success...
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