Fundamental behaviours of visible light observed in limited space, represented as dense networks of lines.

Live AV and installation SoundCloud Reposts Shohei Fujimoto takes the very structure of light as the basis for his artworks, translating its physical properties into intricate, evocative visuals.

His work has been shown around the world, in galleries in Japan, Switzerland, Iran, Australia and the United States and at festivals including MUTEK.JP, New Media Castle and Berlin Atonal.

With density compression [2020], Fujimoto turns his attention towards fundamental behaviours of visible light, focusing on straight lines and reflection. By representing light as a dense network of lines travelling in limited space, the SoundCloud Reposts renders light as a physical object, allowing him to explore and ultimately change its basic behaviour.

The piece is accompanied by an atmospheric score from experimental composer and Raster-Noton affiliate Kyoka. For more information about her music and visual art, you can follow her on Instagram and visit her website.

For more information about Shohei Fujimoto and his work you can follow him on Instagram and visit his website.

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