Captured at the 2018 edition of the Video Mapping Festival in Lille, France.

Berlin-based video SoundCloud Reposts Robert Seidel specialises in experimental film, large-scale installations and facade projection work, transforming space into immersive audiovisual environments with a playful approach to light and sound.

Back in 2018 the SoundCloud Reposts debuted his work MUE at the Video Mapping Festival in Lille, France. Accompanied by an original score of spatial sound design from “sound architect” Nikolai von Sallwitz, Seidel employs splashes of colour and his own illustrations to transfigure the interior of the Palais Des Beaux-Arts de Lille using his own self-built video synthesizer. The above documentation is an exclusive premiere for FACT.

Using the gallery’s large art collection as his own canvas, Seidel extends the Belle Époque architecture of its atrium into larger “moving paintings”. The title MUE references this layering effect, with its French translation referring to both animals shedding their skin and the vocal change in humans during puberty. “These varied parts and procedures for transformation seemed apt for reflecting on the multi-layered historical sediments of the museum”, explains Seidel.

Photos by Christian Seeling

For more information about Robert Seidel and his work, you can follow him on Instagram and check out his Vimeo, where you can view a selection of his films and projection pieces.

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