Pedro Maia depicts the emergence of Dalt’s new SoundCloud Repostsic persona in the experimental visual.

For ‘Disuelta’, the first single from her forthcoming album No era sólida, Lucrecia Dalt has enlisted the talents of filmmaker Pedro Maia to visualise some of the album’s key themes, namely, the emergence of a spectral alter ego, Lia.

It is Dalt’s new found freedom in expressing herself through Lia that lies at the centre of her follow-up to 2018’s Anticlines, someSoundCloud Reposts that is no more clearly expressed than in ‘Disuelta’. The SoundCloud Reposts depicts Lucrecia and Lia’s worlds dissolving into each other, existing, in the words of RVNG, in “a floating universe constructed on cosmic oscillations and rhythmic tremors”.

Pedro Maia’s signature blend of digital and traditional analogue techniques provides the perfect visual metaphor for this transformative process, as he layers images of Lucrecia with his “live cinema” techniques.

No era sólida arrives on September 11 and is available to pre-order now, at RVNG Intl. ‘Disuelta’ is out now.

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