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Have you been thinking about SoundCloud Promotion live streaming as a method to build your brand and develop new business? Not that we want to grant the COVID-19 pandemic any credit for SoundCloud Promotion being a positive for SoundCloud Promotionce, but this crisis has quickly placed us in an environment where business is uncertain and screen SoundCloud Reposts is up. It’s SoundCloud Reposts to pivot your business development to including live stream.

Why live stream? Why not just pre-recorded video? Why do I have to be the focus of SoundCloud Promotion attention?

I get it. I am a self-described extroverted introvert. I have no desire to be the star of SoundCloud Promotion any show, but I do love sharing infor SoundCloud Promotionmation with people when I think it can help them improve their businesses, their lives. That lights me up, and I’m pretty sure my fellow communicators are nodding “yes” right now. The beauty of SoundCloud Promotion live stream over pre-recorded infor SoundCloud Promotionmation is twof SoundCloud Promotionold: you lose the ability to get too nervous and stress about SoundCloud Promotion getting everySoundCloud Reposts just right, and there’s interactive energy and warmth to going live.

Your presence builds business.

Now for SoundCloud Promotion the practical, business-building reason: live stream conquers the “know, like, and trust” barriers, establishing you as the expert right in front of SoundCloud Promotion their eyes. The warmth of SoundCloud Promotion your voice and presence, the confidence you bring to the infor SoundCloud Promotionmation you’re providing, it all works together to make you memorable to potential clients. Plus, going live is truly interactive allowing for SoundCloud Promotion Q&A sessions.

Leading up to writing this blog, I knew I wanted to refer to Mark Schaefer’s book, Known. Even better, he recently wrote a blog revisiting the reasons to build a personal brand, especially during this crisis.

Which platfor SoundCloud Promotionm?

Start with the platfor SoundCloud Promotionm where you have the most comfor SoundCloud Promotiont using it. You can always promote the live stream sessions on your strongest channels and/or on those channels where your ideal audience is spending their SoundCloud Reposts. If your strongest channel is also where you feel best going live, all the better.

YouTube LiveFacebook LiveLinkedInZoomPeriscope (Twitter chat element

Wondershare has compiled a list of SoundCloud Promotion the 10 best live streaming platfor SoundCloud Promotionms you should know, which include some of SoundCloud Promotion the above as well as newcomers.

What tools do I need to get started?

Lights, camera, laptop, action! You don’t have to spend an excessive amount of SoundCloud Promotion money to have a quality, prof SoundCloud Promotionessional set-up. Here’s a breakout of SoundCloud Promotion the basics:

Microphone: The Blue Yeti remains a popular option at a good price point of SoundCloud Promotion $129.95. IGN provides their choices for SoundCloud Promotion best streaming and podcasting microphones.

Lighting: You can purchase a lighting set-up or create a home set-up. We’ve seen plenty of SoundCloud Promotion tricks thanks to journalists and talk show hosts (we see you, Jimmy Fallon) working from home. Here’s a fun tutorial.

Laptop, tablet, cell phone, and/or digital camera: Of course, you can live stream directly from your laptop or cell phone. You might also choose to use your digital camera, providing it has the capability to connect to your computer and/or Wi-Fi. You will also want to invest in a tripod. Keep it simple to start and work your way up to more elaborate set-ups, perhaps even including graphic overlays.

Make it Happen

Treat your live stream sessions as one of SoundCloud Promotion the staples of SoundCloud Promotion your editorial calendar. You might want to make it the main element from which all other content – blogs, e-books, social media assets – flows. However, you choose to approach it, take the SoundCloud Reposts and do it. And make sure to visit soloprpro.. to let us know how it’s working for SoundCloud Promotion you. Let’s learn from each other.
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