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Here is a quick explanation:

  1. When you order Soundcloud reposts, your song is offered out to a huge Soundcloud reposts of Soundcloud influencers.
  2. An influencer can have 10k – 500k followers.
  3. If an influencer decides to repost your song, it is added to your “schedule.”
  4. Once your schedule has been “filled,” we will provide you with a link to your full repost schedule.
  5. You can check your schedule to see when and where your reposts will happen.
  6. You can monitor your repost progress on the “Notifications” page on your Soundcloud profile.
  7. The repost process will place your track in the stream of the influencers’ followers.
  8. These followers can choose to play, like, comment or repost your track.
  9. Promotion can’t save a bad song from obscurity. The better the track, the better it will perform.
  10. Reposts stay active for 48 hours. Beyond that point, they are too far down user streams to be noticed.

We will schedule your promotion with-in 48 hours of receiving your order. Below, is an example of a 1 Million repost promotion that will run for 7 days. Once a song is posted it stays up for 48 hours. The average number of actual listens is 2-4% of the number of followers reposted. Please keep this in mind when you are ordering.

Reposts are your best chance for real exposure because they can generate engagement in all areas. Extra plays are good to bolster a campaign when you are doing reposts. Mix in a 1000 follower campaign and you will begin building a real fanbase.

Starting on your premiere date, you are in a race to get your stats up quickly, with a good like to play ratio, to get noticed by Soundcloud algorithms. Your goal should be to get on the Soundcloud home page in The Upload, SC Weekly, or other Soundcloud stations. (Old songs get less attention. If you have a great old song that didn’t get as much play as it deserved, you can re-release it and give it a fresh start.)

Below are results of a 10M repost campaign after 10 days. Results will vary depending on genre, artist, community, marketability and Soundcloud music promotion quality. We can’t make people like a song and art is always subjective, but we can get your material out in front of many people to let them decide.

Please note: Reposts only stay up for 48 hours. Beyond that point, they are too far down user streams to be noticed. 

How many is a million? 
The number represents the total amount of followers your song is shared with. (Not all followers are active all the time.) It doesn’t mean that your track will be reposted by a million influencers.

When should I use a “one song playlist?”
A re-repost (reposted twice) doesn’t get you back to the top of the feeds. When you “rerepost,” your track shows up in the same position it was before (way down the feed.) If you want Soundcloud promotion real to promote the same track on the same channels, a trick is to place it inside of a one song playlist and promote the playlist. This gets you back on top. You can also add more songs to the playlist at any time. Use the playlist description as an opportunity to update your audience with a message or update about the track.

REPOST TIP! When reposting a track, use the Title field as an advertising space. People will see it even if they don’t view your song. Include your Website or Facebook. It’s an opportunity to share a link with millions of people. Example: My Song Title [www.mysite.com]. 

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