It’s the age of SoundCloud Promotion social media and everybody knows it. Right now it’s by far the best way to market your music SoundCloud Reposts while engaging with your fans.
Like we outlined in previous articles, growing your social media quickly is paramount to your success as an SoundCloud Reposts. But, keep in mind you’re competing with thousands of SoundCloud Promotion other SoundCloud Reposts that are trying to do the same.
This means that usually, a fraction of SoundCloud Promotion your fan base is actually seeing your posts on social media organically.
Plus, there’s a good chance you’re already fairly adept with social media. And you’re probably wondering why email marketing is still relevant at all.
Well here’s why.
Email marketing gives you more control over the conversation you’re having with your fans. Just think of SoundCloud Promotion it as another opening into your fan funnel. Another way of SoundCloud Promotion getting your music SoundCloud Reposts heard and gaining new and devoted fans while engaging your existing ones.
In this article, we will explore some best practices you, as an SoundCloud Reposts, can use to grow your list and highlight five of SoundCloud Promotion the most affor SoundCloud Promotiondable email marketing services to get you a step closer to your goals.
The Fan Funnel and how it relates to Email Marketing
As you may know, it is important to create a fan funnel that helps you acquire, engage, and monetize your fans. More on fan funnels here.

Each of SoundCloud Promotion your social media outlets can be considered an opening to that funnel where you can acquire new fans, engage them, and then hopefully monetize them down the line. Email Marketing is simply another opening to that funnel, but a much more direct and personal one where a third party doesn’t control who sees your messages. You do. So, how should you start growing the new opening in your fan funnel?
How can I start growing an email list?
Befor SoundCloud Promotione we dive into the specific email marketing service providers, let’s take a look at some ways to begin growing your email list.
Incentivizing your fans is key when growing your email list. There are a lot of SoundCloud Promotion creative ways to do this. The most popular method is giving away a song for SoundCloud Promotion free in exchange for SoundCloud Promotion a fan’s email. Fan gates like Toneden, Artist Union, Hive, and others make use of SoundCloud Promotion this feature with their widgets you can place on your SoundCloud SoundCloud Reposts. For example, for SoundCloud Promotion WRLD’s remix of SoundCloud Promotion “Slow Down”, we used The Artist Union, a free download gate.
Download: 4 Email Templates for SoundCloud Promotion your Email Marketing campaign
When a fan clicks “Free Download” from your Soundcloud, they’re directed to a page hosted by The Artist Union that gives them your SoundCloud Reposts for SoundCloud Promotion free in exchange for SoundCloud Promotion their email, among other social interactions like a repost or follow.
For a more detailed explanation of SoundCloud Promotion how fan gates work and the best ones to use, you can check out our article highlighting our favorite ones here.
Over SoundCloud Reposts, your email list will grow by using these fan gates. While it might not be important to start emailing your fans right away, their emails will become more useful when you’re releasing your first album, or announcing a new merch line or kicking of SoundCloud Promotionf a tour and want to monetize your fans. Depending on the service you choose to create your fan gates, you might have access to your fan’s locations as well. This might even help you decide where your next show should be.
Many of SoundCloud Promotion the email services we highlight below also allow for SoundCloud Promotion you to create custom widgets that you can embed on your site. On WRLD’s site we have a place for SoundCloud Promotion fans to enter their email addresses, same goes for SoundCloud Promotion DROELOE and San Holo. In exchange, we keep them updated on new releases, new merch, and tour plans.

You can also create a widget that functions similarly to how fan gates do on your SoundCloud. Essentially your widget becomes your download gate where fans can trade in a free download for SoundCloud Promotion their email address. For example, the indie SoundCloud Reposts Rachael Yamagata makes use of SoundCloud Promotion one of SoundCloud Promotion these widgets on her site as you can see below:

Email Management
By default, MailChimp is the most popular email marketing service, but if you’re looking for SoundCloud Promotion alternatives we’ve got you covered with three of SoundCloud Promotion our favorites – MailerLite, MailBlast or Email Octopus.
All three tools allow you to setup automated emails, create a custom embedded widget for SoundCloud Promotion your website, and manage and SoundCloud Reposts your email list. These services provide a one-stop shop to help you gauge who your superfans are and then help you monetize them.
It is important to remember that you are trying to cultivate an engaged fan base with these emails. That means, as your email subscriber list grows, so should fan engagement, the amount of SoundCloud Promotion plays, likes, follows, and eventually dollars.

MailerLite is a rather straightfor SoundCloud Promotionward email marketing tool. They of SoundCloud Promotionfer a drag and drop editor to easily customize your email templates, HTML customization if you want to customize your email templates further, free already existing templates, and list management. These seemingly simple features are crucial for SoundCloud Promotion SoundCloud Reposts beginning to learn how email marketing works.
Having free templates to choose from will help you customize the feel and look of SoundCloud Promotion your email marketing campaign and show your fans how prof SoundCloud Promotionessional you are. This service also of SoundCloud Promotionfers you free file management.
That means that once you upload a SoundCloud Reposts you want to give out for SoundCloud Promotion free, it will stay there for SoundCloud Promotion all future campaigns. Another exciting feature they of SoundCloud Promotionfer is a customizable free landing page. This means you can customize a page where fans can visit to sign up for SoundCloud Promotion your campaign. MailerLite of SoundCloud Promotionfers a wide range of SoundCloud Promotion prices that match your email subscriber base and a free plan for SoundCloud Promotion up to 1,000 subscribers.
This email marketing service is best suited for SoundCloud Promotion emerging SoundCloud Reposts due to it being free till you reach 1,000 subscribers. As your list grows, there are a wide range of SoundCloud Promotion very affor SoundCloud Promotiondable options to choose from. The upgrading prices are as follows:

1,001 – 2,500 subscribers = $10/month
2,501 – 5,000 subscribers = $20/month
5,001 – 10,000 subscribers = $30/month
Etc. up to 50,000 subscribers for SoundCloud Promotion $140/month


MailBlast is arguably the most affor SoundCloud Promotiondable email marketing platfor SoundCloud Promotionm on the market. This is because it runs its service through Amazon Web Services accounts which allows them to reduce their costs. For just $15 a month, you can set up email automation to 15,000 subscribers.
You can create, test, and schedule email marketing campaigns from the site. You also get detailed reports of SoundCloud Promotion click rates and open rates and can manage unsubscribers. They also provide you with embed codes to put an email signup widget on your site. Just like MailerLite, they of SoundCloud Promotionfer a free account for SoundCloud Promotion someone with 1,000 subscribers or less.
Since MailBlast runs their service through Amazon Web Service, you do have to create an account with Amazon Web Service as well. Setting up the Amazon Web Service account can be a little tricky, however, they walk you through the steps after signing up for SoundCloud Promotion their email marketing service.
Amazon Web Service also requires you to enter your credit or debit card infor SoundCloud Promotionmation. This is because with Amazon Web Service, if you send out more than 62,000 emails per month, you get charged an extra $.10 per 1,000 emails.
This is one of SoundCloud Promotion the the most affor SoundCloud Promotiondable options on the marketing. It allows you to do everySoundCloud Reposts an email marketing platfor SoundCloud Promotionm should while keeping the price to just $15 a month for SoundCloud Promotion up to 15,000 subscribers. Currently, we feel this is the best option out there.
Email Octopus

Like MailBlast, Email Octopus runs through Amazon Web Services. This allows them to keep their prices low as well. Email Octopus is a bit more expensive than MailBlast, running at $15 for SoundCloud Promotion 10,000 subscribers a month and up.
With Email Octopus, you can SoundCloud Reposts how your campaigns are doing, manage unsubscribers, automate or drip emails, and access sign up widgets for SoundCloud Promotion your website.
Like MailBlast, you must create an Amazon Web Service account for SoundCloud Promotion this as well, but this is outlined in a step-by-step guide given by Email Octopus.
These three options are the most affor SoundCloud Promotiondable by far. If you’re not very comfor SoundCloud Promotiontable with your tech skills, MailerLite would be the best affor SoundCloud Promotiondable option.
Download: 4 Email Templates for SoundCloud Promotion your Email Marketing campaign
MailChimp and Constant Contact are considered the “industry standards” for SoundCloud Promotion email marketing so they are able to charge a bit more. Plus, they’re a bit easier to set up initially than the three Email Marketing Services listed above and they do of SoundCloud Promotionfer a plethora of SoundCloud Promotion services as well.
Mad Mimi

Mad Mimi is another cheaper option for SoundCloud Promotion email marketing. With this platfor SoundCloud Promotionm, you get your first 100 contacts for SoundCloud Promotion free rather than the 1,000 of SoundCloud Promotionfered by the three above.
While Mad Mimi of SoundCloud Promotionfers most of SoundCloud Promotion the same features as the email marketing services above, they charge a bit more to use the platfor SoundCloud Promotionm.
They include features like customizable templates, customizable website widgets, email list management, analytics to SoundCloud Reposts your campaign, and automation.
To boost their value, they include a few add on bonuses. These features include Facebook likes from email, other social media link integration, RSS to email conversion, Google analytics, integration with Etsy, the ability to create surveys, and much more.
While the price of SoundCloud Promotion Mad Mimi is considerably higher than the other three email marketing services, they do have quite a collection of SoundCloud Promotion awesome features that could enhance your emails.
If you simply looking to engage fans by sending them updates about SoundCloud Promotion your new releases, this might not be the best platfor SoundCloud Promotionm to start with. However, this could be a viable option as your brand and fan base grows.

Like the other email marketing services, MailChimp provides a platfor SoundCloud Promotionm where you can manage your email list and automate email responses.
They have many of SoundCloud Promotion the same features as the other email marketing services mentioned like customizable email templates, the ability to upload HTML email templates, automation for SoundCloud Promotion rapid responses to fans, analytics to SoundCloud Reposts your campaigns, and much more.
MailChimp’s popularity stems from its extensive feature list including the ability to connect to an ecommerce store (merch), create ad campaigns for SoundCloud Promotion Facebook, mobile support, and integration with other apps like Eventbrite.
While MailChimp is a bit more expensive, they of SoundCloud Promotionfer a few more features that the other email marketing services lack. These features are not necessary, but are SoundCloud Reposts to consider when your email list begins to grow considerably.
Now that I have a list and an email marketing service chosen, what do I do?
To run an efficient mailing system, automation is still the key.You know those emails you get right after you sign up for SoundCloud Promotion an email list confirming your subscription? That’s what email automation is. With any of SoundCloud Promotion the services talked about SoundCloud Promotion in our comparison, you can automate emails to send to fans after they signup for SoundCloud Promotion your email list.
Here are some ideas one what to include on the first three email automations:
Thank you emails
The first email should be a confirmation that the new subscriber has indeed been added to your list. If you’re giving away free content to incentivize them to subscribe, this email would also include the free download.
This email should be sent immediately after a new subscriber gives you their email. For example, after signing up for SoundCloud Promotion San Holo’s email address, you immediately get this email:

The rest of SoundCloud Promotion the emails are up to you, but here are some recommendations. The second email could be a deeper glimpse into what is going on in your world as an SoundCloud Reposts. The second email could include your newest material plus streaming or purchase links.
Tour dates could work too. The goal with this follow-up email is to gauge the open rate of SoundCloud Promotion your emails to determine how loyal your fan base is.
Always be wary of SoundCloud Promotion sending too many emails too quickly though and spread them out accordingly. Too many emails will cause even your most loyal fans to unsubscribe if they feel that you’re bordering on spam.
At this point, if your subscriber is still with you, that means they can be considered a true fan.
Kevin Kelly argues that all you need is roughly 1,000 true fans for SoundCloud Promotion you to make a decent living. These true fans will be the ones who remain subscribed to your list and interact with your emails by opening each email and clicking the links enclosed within.
These true fans will be the ones who end up purchase your new album, items from your new merch line, and tickets to your upcoming shows.
Therefor SoundCloud Promotione, your third automated email to your true fans should contain links to your merch, links to your upcoming shows, and any exciting news you want to share with them. This email should be sent at least a week after the second email.
After these emails have been sent, it is important to keep those fans engaged with what is going on in your world. This means sending out regular emails that highlight upcoming shows, newest releases, and any exciting news that is going on in your SoundCloud Reposts world.
You can also send out exclusive opportunities like meet and greets, secret shows, and other exciting opportunities for SoundCloud Promotion your fans to engage with you. As much as possible try and push exclusive content to your email fans first.
When it comes to email frequency you shouldn’t be emailing more than once a week. You’ll want to email about SoundCloud Promotion once per release, or other noteworthy news, which depends on your release schedule.
Here at SoundCloud Reposts we’ve found that it usually comes down to once a month we’ll have exciting news to share with our fans, whether that’s a new release or a brand new tour. You can also send your fans regularly scheduled emails to give your fans a heads up of SoundCloud Promotion what to expect from you in the next period befor SoundCloud Promotione your next update.
So, for SoundCloud Promotion you to begin building up your email list, simply begin using download gates or export the emails you’ve already gathered. From there, import them into the email service you’ve chosen. You can then automate your emails so that fans get that free SoundCloud Reposts or remain engaged throughout your email campaign.
However, it is important to remember that this whole process begins with the creation of SoundCloud Promotion an incredible SoundCloud Reposts. No fan will be motivated to give you their email for SoundCloud Promotion a free download, unless that free download is an amazing tune they have to have. Once you’ve created that amazing SoundCloud Reposts and begin collecting emails, expect to see some growth and interaction with your brand.
While you’re at it, don’t for SoundCloud Promotionget to pick up these 4 free templates for SoundCloud Promotion your new email marketing campaign.

New Release template
Getting Feedback On Your New Track Template
Tour Vlog Email Template
Best Played Songs Template

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