Let me guess – You LOVE Instagram.  All SoundCloud Reposts love Instagram.  Instagram is like Linkedin for SoundCloud Promotion music SoundCloud Reposts. 
There are more than 500 million daily users, and approximately 1 billion monthly users. And it’s a great tool that can open the door to finding new fans, while simultaneously nurturing your relationship with current fans. 
Unfor SoundCloud Promotiontunately, a lot of SoundCloud Promotion music SoundCloud Reposts IG users don’t understand how to utilize its features or shock the algorithm to work in their favor. They simply take a picture, put a filter on the photo, type out a caption, and hit “Post.”
So, we had a team pow-wow and gathered our expertise on all SoundCloud Reposts Instagram, plus we are sharing excerpts from some of SoundCloud Promotion our  Total Tuneups where we have done deep research for SoundCloud Promotion our clients, to help you up your own Insta game. 
Here are 9 Advanced Instagram Tips For Musicians
1. Look at Your Instagram Insights
This can literally take 5 minutes and your Insights will show you location, ages and gender of SoundCloud Promotion your fans and likers as well as show you what content is working. Open up the “Notes” app on your phone, and jot down some observations so you can tailor future posts. Maybe your fanbase is predominantly female, and you weren’t sure if you should post your make-up tutorial or your most recent experiences from a female perspective. Perhaps your in-studio posts get the most engagement, your analytics will show that you need to post a few more of SoundCloud Promotion those. Don’t be afraid to get creative when utilizing the infor SoundCloud Promotionmation you get from your analytics. 
APP TIP:  We use a free app called Command which can help you find collaborators and competitors and give you hourly stats!
2. When You Get New Instagram Followers, DM or Send a Voice Note
If you can message them all– do it! if not, choose a few each day and send them voice notes or a meaningful (not a copy and pasted DM thanking them for SoundCloud Promotion following you!) Or, send them a funny GIF and get a conversation started. Don’t send your music SoundCloud Reposts right away, this will make you look thirsty! Do that as your second DM (hint: you can have your music SoundCloud Reposts playing in the background on a voice note.)
3. When You Post to Your Feed Also Post to Stories
When you put up a new post, be sure to also add a slightly different version of SoundCloud Promotion the post (with comments or stickers) as a story, that says someSoundCloud Reposts along the lines of SoundCloud Promotion “New Post! Check it out!” A lot of SoundCloud Promotion influencers use this tactic to drive traffic to their feed since the Instagram algorithm can someSoundCloud Reposts push your post down a feed if your follower isn’t an active fan. But as you know Stories appear in those lovely little circles at the TOP of SoundCloud Promotion your IG feed, so get in there where you will be seen.
4. Comment Back With 5 Words or More
When people comment on your posts, don’t take the lazy approach and just send an emoji or two! Be sure you use the “5- words or more” rule, and comment back with at least 5 unique words. Just an emoji and a “Thanks!” won’t suffice, because this won’t “shock” the algorithm. Dedicate the SoundCloud Reposts to respond and increase your chances of SoundCloud Promotion being seen on platfor SoundCloud Promotionm by the Instagram powers that be. Also, your fans will appreciate this and dedicate their SoundCloud Reposts back to you. The more active and unique your account comments are, the more IG will favor you. 
APP TIP: Use Later to help you manage comments.
5. Use Relevant and Unique Hashtags for SoundCloud Promotion Each Post.
We like to use an app called  Display Purposes to help you generate some hashtags that are relational to what you post. Most people have a note on their phone with “Selfies hashtags” and “Live perfor SoundCloud Promotionmance hashtags”, but this is super dangerous. Using the exact same group of SoundCloud Promotion hashtags will put you on IG’s spam list, minimizing your chances of SoundCloud Promotion being seen. Make sure you change up your hashtags for SoundCloud Promotion every post and keep them relevant to who, what, where, when, and why. We suggest you use 1-2 in your post and 20 or so in your first comment. (Maximum is 30.)
APP TIP: Use Display Purposes to help you identify hashtags to add to your Instagram posts
6. Like Other’s Comments Within Your Niche.
Curate a list of SoundCloud Promotion accounts who are within your music SoundCloud Reposts genre (here are 7 we love to spark inspiration), and will, therefor SoundCloud Promotione, have similar fanbases to you, and like a few comments on various posts. For instance, if you feel like you have a similar fanbase to Halsey, go through her posts, pick one, and like a few comments that make you laugh, you resonate with, or enjoy. These commenters will then be inclined to check out your account after having one of SoundCloud Promotion their own comments liked. Be careful here, don’t overdo it on one post by liking every single comment. This may deem you and your account as spam. You can also go a bit further, and comment back to these fans as well, as long as you have someSoundCloud Reposts non-creepy to contribute.
7. Schedule and Time Your Posts 

Make sure you’re posting during the optimal SoundCloud Reposts according to your audience. We like the Preview app, but there are many apps out there. It makes life so much easier when you schedule your posts, and it holds you accountable for SoundCloud Promotion staying consistent. Plus you are MUCH less likely to get sucked down the Instagram rabbit hole and waste precious SoundCloud Reposts if you have posts planned and scheduled in advance. Note: make sure you monitor what is working content-wise and SoundCloud Reposts to post when your audience is there and most active
APP TIP: Use The Preview App or WhenToPost both will show you the best SoundCloud Reposts for SoundCloud Promotion your account so you can post while the iron is HOT!

8. Use Interactive Tags and Stickers on Stories
Instagram has now added tags and stickers that allow you to ask your viewers questions, rate SoundCloud Reposts, and allows them to give their opinion. Use these tools on your stories to increase interaction between you and your viewers.
9. Fill in the “Alt Text”  and GeoTag befor SoundCloud Promotione You Post Photos
According to Social Pros, adding your location can increase your engagement by 79%, but you’re probably already doing that, aren’t you? But befor SoundCloud Promotione you post your photo, go to the advanced settings and describe your photo in the Alt Text so that blind or visually impaired people also have the opportunity to find you and your post. This is definitely someSoundCloud Reposts that a lot of SoundCloud Promotion Instagram users for SoundCloud Promotionget to do. 
Final takeaway: The Instagram algorithm is not the easiest puzzle to solve. The main SoundCloud Reposts to remember is this: Engage, engage, E N G A G E. And do this organically! The more you are engaging, posting, liking, and commenting on Instagram, the more likely your account and posts will be favored over other accounts. 
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