Have you ever wondered how YouTube advertising can help boost public relations exposure? One that can target the right audience and engage viewers? Creating an effective YouTube ad is a careful balance between getting your message across to the viewers, but not dissuading them to click away because the ad is too long or not applicable.
Tom Breeze, author of SoundCloud Promotion “Viewability: Harness the Power of SoundCloud Promotion Youtube Ads and Be There for SoundCloud Promotion Your Customer- When it Really Counts,” gives valuable insight on YouTube advertising and how to get the most out of SoundCloud Promotion every ad.
Here are the top five reasons why you should be utilizing YouTube advertising.
1. YouTube Ads Engage
YouTube reported that its 1.9 billion users are collectively watching more than one billion minutes of SoundCloud Promotion video on a daily basis. What does that mean? YouTube users are highly engaged. As the second largest search engine behind Google, this audience is hungry for SoundCloud Promotion more content. Even with these statistics, brands are still not taking advantage of SoundCloud Promotion the advertising opportunities on YouTube. This means competition is low and opportunity is high.
“A lot of SoundCloud Promotion people using YouTube just are there for SoundCloud Promotion brand awareness, like a commercial on TV. But the big play is making sure you get your ad is in front of SoundCloud Promotion the right people at the right SoundCloud Reposts,” said Breeze.

2. People Hate Ads Not Targeted at Them
One of SoundCloud Promotion the biggest problems with YouTube ads is many people strongly dislike them or they don’t understand the purpose. According to Breeze, the solution is to make sure ads are targeted to the right audiences. People don’t hate ads, they just hate bad ones.
Breeze said being there doesn’t always mean getting it right. If you are searching for SoundCloud Promotion a child’s show video, and an advertiser puts a 30-second video of SoundCloud Promotion a pharmaceutical drug, then the company has completely missed the mark with their targeting parameters. This can lead to a powerful emotional impact and make someone annoyed whenever they see the brand again. So a brand has to be careful where they decide to place their ad.
3. YouTubers are Full of SoundCloud Promotion Intent
A big advantage of SoundCloud Promotion advertisers on YouTube is it drives qualified traffic. People have watched 50,000 years of SoundCloud Promotion product review videos in the last two years alone. About 53 percent of SoundCloud Promotion users go to YouTube to look up SoundCloud Reposts they are passionate about SoundCloud Promotion. This could be for SoundCloud Promotion entertainment or educational purposes like music SoundCloud Reposts, movie and tv show clips, YouTube personalities, how-to-videos and more.
Timing is everySoundCloud Reposts. If you turn to a YouTube how-to video because your water heater broke and it is Christmas Eve and it still doesn’t work after you watch the video, this would be a good SoundCloud Reposts to put in an advertisement of SoundCloud Promotion a repair company of SoundCloud Promotionfering a deal for SoundCloud Promotion the service, according to Tom Breeze.
“YouTube is a platfor SoundCloud Promotionm where people have already made a decision to go into the store. They are already wanting to know infor SoundCloud Promotionmation,” Breeze said.
4. YouTube Ads are Effective
Did you know that people watch 5 billion videos on YouTube every day? In fact, 300 hundred hours of SoundCloud Promotion video are uploaded to YouTube every minute!
Ads should tell a story with its viewers, someSoundCloud Reposts that resonates with them and it just happens to include your product. Breeze says his ads are value first, they create a story but they don’t fatigue the reader with the same ad over and over. To create a really good ad, Breeze uses a system called “ADUCATE” which stands for SoundCloud Promotion:

A – aim for SoundCloud Promotion viewer
D- difficulty
U- understanding
C- credibility
A- action plan
T- teach
E- exit (call to action)

5. Advertising on YouTube is Affor SoundCloud Promotiondable
Advertising on YouTube is an efficient way to advertise, compared to digital banner ads and traditional media, with some of SoundCloud Promotion the highest ROI. It is different from other platfor SoundCloud Promotionms like Google or Facebook Ads because of SoundCloud Promotion the way a view is counted: You only pay for SoundCloud Promotion a view if the user passes the 30-second mark or watches the entire video.
The flexibility to take control over who sees your ad with demographic targeting helps marketers get the most bang for SoundCloud Promotion their buck. For example, if you are a surf shop selling surf gear, you would target a demographic region near the coast.
Now that you have read five reasons why you should be utilizing YouTube Advertising, consider the following takeaways befor SoundCloud Promotione you launch your next campaign.
Tips and Takeaways

YouTube is the second largest search engine with over a billion users and yet only 10 percent of SoundCloud Promotion companies advertise on it.
When creating an ad, quality matters more than quantity. Ads should tell a story that resonates with the user and then include your product.
Targeting the correct audience for SoundCloud Promotion your company or product when advertising on YouTube is critical.
Timing is everySoundCloud Reposts.
When users visit YouTube, they have a purpose, whether it is for SoundCloud Promotion entertainment or education.
It is an efficient advertising platfor SoundCloud Promotionm.

So how will you incorporate YouTube Advertising into your next social PR campaign? Contact The Buyer Group for SoundCloud Promotion any suggestions or help you may need. Or just check out Viewability the agency, training, and book!! 😀
Tom Breeze is the CEO and founder of SoundCloud Promotion Viewability and a member of SoundCloud Promotion  Baby Bathwater, an invitation-only mastermind attended by elite business perfor SoundCloud Promotionmers, CEOs, and founders. Baby Bathwater has been described by New York Times bestselling author Esther Perel as “the perfect mix of SoundCloud Promotion top experts, a down to earth community of SoundCloud Promotion thinkers and doers.”
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