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Unlimited SoundCloud Plays  $20/mo.

Gain proxy streams from the US, UK, Germany, Italy, Spain, France, Sweden, Netherlands, Switzerland, Belgium, Ireland and more. 


Unlimited SoundCloud Plays – Gain the Major Label Advantage – Get Streams

The first rule of promotion on an algorithmic-based platform is, “It takes traffic to make traffic.” When a label drops a single, it is pushed heavily across multiple streaming channels with a combination of organic promotion and an unlimited SoundCloud streams technique like this one, to create balanced stats that grow rapidly. The object is to get the song noticed by algorithms as quickly as possible to get it to take off. (Newsflash: Robots decide what is popular. You have to make them work to your advantage.)

This proxy streaming technique used by many record labels when trying to “break” new singles from artists that are being heavily supported by cross-media marketing campaigns.  For the first time, we are offering these proxy streams on a single SoundCloud song. This subscription is good for one song for as long as you want it to run. (You can run it up to a million if you choose.)

  • The song URL can’t be changed and new songs require an additional subscription.
  • You may cancel the unlimited SoundCloud Streams subscription at any time. 
  • While they are not royalty earning, they are technically real and collected from our servers from all over Europe and the US. 
  • If you are unhappy with the results you can cancel in your account area at any time.
  • You can expect at least 10k streams per month from this service.
  • The effectiveness varies depending on many different factors.
  • Unlike our other services, this is NOT organic, but can be used with our organic influencer campaigns.
  • Plays come through an extensive network of proxies from all over the US and EU, using many locations.
  • Originating locations show in stats.
  • These streams are used to bolster stats for analytics purposes only.
  • Due to the price and volume, this service is “as-is” and comes with no additional support.

Unlimited SoundCloud Streams are most effective with an organic promotion package to produce the balanced ratio of streams/likes/reposts/comments.

USD $399.00 USD $20.00 / month



SoundCloud Reposts

  1. We pitch your song to our network of influencers.
  2. They repost your music to millions of followers.
  3. Followers listen and engage. 

SoundCloud Streams

  1. We place your song in playlists and repost it to give it exposure.
  2. Followers listen to it and engage with it.
  3. We continue to promote it until we have reached the minimum streams ordered.

SoundCloud Influencers

1.) We distribute your song to SoundCloud Influencers.
2.) The influencers share your song with their followers.
3.) You gain real streams, likes, comments and reposts.

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